Sonicbells teaches, enhances and lets you play with exercise through sound.Our concept was to explore the relationship between sound and physicality in the area of fitness. We chose to focus on kettlebells and them being the instrument. The users are free to create sound through choreography or vice versa.

Sonicbells allows you to place your smartphone inside the kettlebell and through the Sonicbells app, you can either choose a strict series of exercise programs, where we aim to teach the correct method of exercise through sound.

First, create sounds by freely interacting with the SonicBell and let your movements be guided by the different weights, then create a musical atmosphere and enjoy group exercise among friends by playing the Sonicbells together.

In May 2015, Sonicbells was selected to exhibited as part of at the Ugly Duck in Bermondsey. The project was also exhibited in Sónar+D the international conference organized by Sónar that covers the digital transformation of the creative industry.

Design in collaboration with Clara Dalbera, Fiona O'Leary, Joshua Browne